Meow Wolf "The Atrium"

I art directed and built the VR environments for The Atrium, a VR installation piece created by the Santa Fe art collective, Meow Wolf. This project received official jury selection at SXSW 2018 and comprised a large-scale physical installation using HTC Vive HMDs, Leap Motion hand tracking and 15 foot wide, octagonal platforms embedded with 12" bass transducers for haptic feedback. Environment assets and architectural geometry were created in 3DS Max. Scene assembly and lighting were done in Unreal. 

Autodesk "BioLite"

BioLite is an Autodesk customer who used computational fluid dynamics software to design a wood-burning cooking stove for 3rd-world communities that creates 95% less pollution than traditional open wood cooking fires.  I designed and prototyped a VR experience for Google Daydream that taught players about the benefits of cooking on the BioLite through an interactive game where they cooked potatoes. We aimed for a low poly style so the experience would feel approachable and perform well on the Daydream mobile VR platform. The overall concept, User experience design and 3D world were designed by me and technical work was accomplished with an outsourced vendor. 

469 Alcatraz Ave

During the summer of 2017, my wife and I remodeled the main part of our house in Oakland, California. I did all the design work myself and created a VR visualization of the space to show my general contractor what we wanted to do.  It was also an excellent workflow tool for us to help adjust the kitchen layout and see what the house would really feel like with the removal of multiple walls. This visualization was created with 3DS Max and Unreal.  

Medium Piece - VR is About the Player's Story

I recently published this piece on Medium about trying to weight VR experiences more towards players' stories rather than rigidly authored stories.