Autodesk Product Identity System

How do you make a logo system for 150+ products? Using the constraint of having a single letter, number or  symbol to represent each item, I designed and built the bulk of a system of 3D iconography for Autodesk's expansive product portfolio. These icons were each individually sculpted as 3D models allowing many use cases such as product logo lockups, animations, high-resolution renderings and even CNC machined parts. Additionally in this lineup is a 3D inforgraphic I created with one of Autodesk's VPs of Advanced Manufacturing to explain the value of adopting our "future of making things" workflow. 

Autodesk Brand Photography

In 2017, I embarked on a journey to help the Autodesk develop a point of view on the usage of photography in their marketing and brand communications. We focused on photographing Autodesk's two "make" industries: manufacturing and commercial construction. I photographed some of this imagery personally, and directed full-scale, professionally crewed photoshoots in medium-format in other cases. See each image for specific photographer credits. This photography is in use worldwide and has become the case study for Autodesk's Brand Photography Style Guide, which I authored.